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Self Storage Facility Management Services

Accountable Management & Realty, Inc., located in Lutz, Florida, has been involved in self storage management, consulting, and training for over twenty years, with stores currently under contract throughout Florida, and consulting clients nationwide. We have created a diverse style which allows our clients the luxury of as little or as much involvement as they prefer. You must be confident that your investment is in good hands, and our team of professionals is ready to provide the special attention to your store that is required to achieve high occupancy and income, while holding operating expenses to a minimum. Our many years of experience allow us the flexibility to change with the times, which is essential - especially in today's troubled economy. Let us help take your store to the next level.

Full Service Management

Our full service management includes hiring and overseeing the training of site management personnel, ongoing training updates, a continuous support system for operational and computer information, supervision and contracting of all maintenance and repairs, and design and implementation of marketing strategies. We also provide our clients with continuing analysis of surrounding self storage facilities, and recommendations to make their stores more successful.

We have found that good hands-on management control is an essential element to any successful property, and as such we visit each store as often as necessary, do complete financial and unit audits monthly, and review every invoice before it is paid from our office. We also provide comprehensive month end reporting to our clients. Additionally, all supplies are purchased through our office at wholesale rates to not only control the cost of each item purchased, but also as a means of inventory control.

Our management also includes implementing a comprehensive delinquency process, from the first reminder telephone calls, through late notices, lien sale procedures, and ultimately - when all else has failed - ending with the actual sale of tenants' goods at auction.

Having dealt with a wide spectrum of property conditions, ranging from new to distressed, we are prepared to help with the development and initial lease-up of a newly constructed property, rehabilitation of a distressed property, and everything in between. In all instances, income growth and marketability are very dependent upon management that is sensitive to the needs of the tenant as well as the area, and the competition. Click here to get to know the team that will do the best job for you.

Other services offered to fit your needs:
  • "Accountable Management has got to be the best storage facility management company in the USA- I mean it! We have been with A/M for 9 plus years and from top to bottom there is not a company that knows the business any better than Accountable Management."

    -- Henry Halle III
    Managing Partner, Olde Naples Self Storage
    Naples, FL

  • "We opened in March of 2007 and with an agreement with Accountable Management in place to manage the facility we were up and running immediately and renting units. Their on-site management team took us to a 75% occupancy rate by 11/01/08 in just 21 months!"

    -- Steve Coscia
    Dundee Storage LLC

  • "Just saw the article in the Pennysaver about your program of recycling electronics! You guys are truly the leaders in doing the right things for your storage facilities and for showing the rest of us what should be done."

    -- Wendy Bechtelheimer

  • "I want to say thank you for giving me this opportunity to work for such an incredible company. I leave each day in awe of the processes and support you have in place for your employees. Everyone has been so helpful to me since I started. Each member of the training process has been especially attentive and supportive with my training. The list goes on and on with each phone or email contact I have with your office. Your staff says a lot about you and your company."

    -- Kathy Kalvan

  • "My time with Accountable Management was a time of rapid professional growth. I learned many new skills under their tutelage, honed existing skills and learned how to better utilize my talents. It was also a time of personal growth, as Accountable Management provides a nurturing and supportive work environment. I found my coworkers and superiors at Accountable Management to be professional, friendly and competent. Many of the staff were considerably more skilled than merely "competent": they were exemplary. My superiors were encouraging and eager to share their experience with me. The storage facility management practices of Accountable Management were consistent with an ethical lifestyle. They never asked me to compromise my standards and were always trying to meet the highest standards of Excellence."

    -- Nathan Anthony

  • "It's been quite a ride with many changes over the years but Brenda, and her staff at Accountable Management, have always been right there with encouragement and were responsible for making a two year commitment turn into a 19 year career."

    -- Bob & Beth Headrick

  • "The Organization you have brought to us is amazing. Every form, process and recommendation has a purpose. The expertise and professionalism is very evident. We have seen a marked increase in leases since you started working with us. Your marketing suggestions are working wonders!"

    -- Donna VanPuymbrouck
    Bridgeview Self Storage

  • "To Facility Owners sitting of the fence, wondering what's wrong with their facility and why it's not productive. Time to get off on the right side and hire the Accountable Management Team to take the facility over the top. I assure you that Accountable Management will provide the best essential tools and resources in making a facility worth its potential for the owner. Accountable Management will produce:

    • The best managers
    • The best customer service
    • The best legal support
    • The best resources
    • The best continued training for managers
    • The best company commitment for the facility

    It all comes full circle when the facility owner hires the Accountable Management Team. The best managers gain self esteem and commitment to their company and owners. In turn, the final product of better proceeds for the facility. At the end of the day you can be proud and walk away being one of the best managers in the field. A sense of pride to be part of the Accountable Management Team."

    -- Kathy Rogers

  • "The self storage industry is a management intensive business. Accountable Management has done an outstanding job in managing my facilities for the past six years. Their expertise includes marketing, day-to-day operations and accounting. They are a total package deal! Brenda Scarborough, President is a Director on the board of our National Self Storage Association. Her involvement in this organization keeps her up-to-date on all the newest trends and policies of our industry which is a huge benefit to me as one of her clients."

    Saul Rachelson
    Extra Space Center President

  • "Enjoyed your Webinar ..., I felt it was informative and on-point and stuck to the subject matter. Our Team and I thank you for your time and help. Thanks."

    Gerry Goldberg
    Metro Denver Self Storage

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