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Self Storage Facility Consulting Services

Consulting and Market Analysis

Our consulting team encompasses vast professional knowledge of all aspects of the self storage industry, culled from their many years of experience, which they are prepared to share with our clients. Our consultants are available to provide guidance in as many areas as requested, including advertising, marketing, customer service, telephone sales, daily store operations, human resource challenges, team building, financial record keeping and reporting, on site auditing, delinquency control, and lien procedures. We will customize a consulting package to include the exact elements needed to make your store more successful, and work with you for three days, three months, or longer if you desire.

Our marketing team is available to perform a comprehensive market analysis of your self storage facility and suggest a marketing strategy that fits the specific challenges of your store. This will include an analysis of your current marketing strategy while offering new ideas to incorporate into what you are already doing in order to achieve better results. We will make available to you many types of proven community events that will increase the traffic to your store, will perform a competitive pricing analysis, share discounting rate techniques and assist with cost cutting tips to reduce day to day expenditures.


We are prepared to share the knowledge and experience we have gained over the last two decades by offering training for you and your staff in whatever aspects of self storage you would like. We are available to address a single module, or create a customized package which can include daily operation procedures, salesmanship and marketing, human resources, delinquency and lien sale procedures, on site auditing, financial auditing, or market analysis.

Detailed Instructional Manuals

Daily Operations Procedures Manual

The Daily Operating Policy and Procedure Manual is an immediate resource of tried and proven policies and effective, time saving procedures to assist in professionally managing a self storage store. The information covers a broad scope of information covering such things as pre-opening office activities to the daily routine of operating the office, to collecting payments, the rental process, to the balancing and verifying information for a successful closing at the end of the day and everything in between. This manual is comprehensive and sequential in dealing with day to day business. Using this manual will get one on the right track to a successful self storage operation.

Marketing Procedures Manual (including Advertising & Marketing)

It is imperative that store managers, assistants, and maintenance personnel come together to form a friendly and professional team – both on site and in the community. This manual will guide your team through the process – beginning with excellent customer service, continuing with salesmanship, marketing, and community involvement, and ending with the best way to track their results so those precious advertising dollars can be put to the best possible use. You will be presented with ideas and strategies that have already proven to be successful.

Some of the topics included in this manual:

  • Customer Service: You will be presented with an introduction to providing excellent customer service which will exceed your tenants' (current and potential) expectations, and a referral program which will expand your market opportunities. Going the extra mile with your customer service will provide the edge needed in today's over saturated market place by not only keeping your current tenants happy, but also by encouraging referrals which lead to valuable rentals.
  • Salesmanship: In today's economy, it is imperative that you capture every phone call, and close the sale with every prospective tenant who walks in your front door. This manual lays out the principles of selling, with the emphasis on telephone techniques, internet web linking and emailing. It also provides instructions on how to use samples, and ideas to network with other local businesses and customers in order to help the community. You will be encouraged to reach out to centers of influence in order to become well known within the community.
  • Marketing Materials: You will be given multiple examples of creative, and low cost, marketing strategies. The focus today is to offer the most at the lowest possible cost. This manual will guide your team by providing ideas to help energize their creative abilities, to think outside of the box, and create new ideas of their own.
  • Tracking your Efforts: With the current state of the economy, and the self storage industry, it is more important than ever to place your marketing dollars where you will get the best results. This manual will show your managers how to track telephone calls, store visits, and internet leads in order to guide future advertising and marketing expenditures.
Human Resources Manual

Long gone are the days of the "mom & pop" team operating a successful self storage facility. The team necessary to be successful in today's market must be proficient in sales, marketing, and customer service first and foremost. They must also, however, possess good computer skills, have a good work ethic, and be prepared to do whatever it takes to operate an efficient store. Finding the right employees is a daunting task, but this manual will take you through the steps of advertising, screening, interviewing, and hiring the best possible candidates for your store.

We will provide for you very detailed suggestions on where and how to place classified ads, what to look for in a team member, and what questions you can or cannot ask during the interview process. We have also included a comprehensive section on disciplinary action when that is required, what steps must be taken to reduce your liability before terminating an employee, and how to properly document every step along the way.

Now more than ever, it is imperative to find the right team to bring your store to its full potential. This manual will supply the tools to help you build your own dream team.

Delinquency & Lien Sale Procedures

Being in the position of having to sell a tenant's goods at lien sale represents one of the most difficult aspects of self storage. Not only is it a tough emotional decision, but also represents one of the biggest liabilities you might encounter, which would result from the wrongful sale of a tenant's goods.

We have put together a comprehensive delinquency process, to be used from the time a tenant becomes five days late, through the sale of goods. Carefully adhering to the steps in this manual will provide a structured schedule that will help your management team minimize delinquencies, and ultimately limit the number of units that actually make it to lien sale status. For those tenants that do become extremely delinquent, though, we will teach you, step by step, when and how to put a tenant into lien status, perform a UCC filing search, process and mail certified lien letters, cut locks and inventory units, schedule your sale, and publish the legal notices – all in accordance with the Florida lien law. Remembering that the lien statutes vary by state, it will be necessary to become familiar with your own lien law. We have created this manual, however, so that the delinquency procedures are universal, and the lien steps can be easily adapted to your specific lien laws.

For more information on how you can purchase our Manuals please click here or call (813) 929-3088 during office hours. To learn more about our full management services click here.

For convenience, all manuals will be provided in .pdf format. This will make searching for specific topics a breeze. Skimming the entire document can be time consuming, in the .pdf format all you have to do is use the binocular icon at the top or left hand side of document. Click on the icon and type in the word or phrase. Then click 'search'. Your search results will be filtered by the phrase you're looking for to save time on remembering a specific page. Hint: Typing less is better in locating specific information.

In addition to our storage consulting services, we also offter full service storage management.

  • "Accountable Management has got to be the best storage facility management company in the USA- I mean it! We have been with A/M for 9 plus years and from top to bottom there is not a company that knows the business any better than Accountable Management."

    -- Henry Halle III
    Managing Partner, Olde Naples Self Storage
    Naples, FL

  • "We opened in March of 2007 and with an agreement with Accountable Management in place to manage the facility we were up and running immediately and renting units. Their on-site management team took us to a 75% occupancy rate by 11/01/08 in just 21 months!"

    -- Steve Coscia
    Dundee Storage LLC

  • "Just saw the article in the Pennysaver about your program of recycling electronics! You guys are truly the leaders in doing the right things for your storage facilities and for showing the rest of us what should be done."

    -- Wendy Bechtelheimer

  • "I want to say thank you for giving me this opportunity to work for such an incredible company. I leave each day in awe of the processes and support you have in place for your employees. Everyone has been so helpful to me since I started. Each member of the training process has been especially attentive and supportive with my training. The list goes on and on with each phone or email contact I have with your office. Your staff says a lot about you and your company."

    -- Kathy Kalvan

  • "My time with Accountable Management was a time of rapid professional growth. I learned many new skills under their tutelage, honed existing skills and learned how to better utilize my talents. It was also a time of personal growth, as Accountable Management provides a nurturing and supportive work environment. I found my coworkers and superiors at Accountable Management to be professional, friendly and competent. Many of the staff were considerably more skilled than merely "competent": they were exemplary. My superiors were encouraging and eager to share their experience with me. The storage facility management practices of Accountable Management were consistent with an ethical lifestyle. They never asked me to compromise my standards and were always trying to meet the highest standards of Excellence."

    -- Nathan Anthony

  • "It's been quite a ride with many changes over the years but Brenda, and her staff at Accountable Management, have always been right there with encouragement and were responsible for making a two year commitment turn into a 19 year career."

    -- Bob & Beth Headrick

  • "The Organization you have brought to us is amazing. Every form, process and recommendation has a purpose. The expertise and professionalism is very evident. We have seen a marked increase in leases since you started working with us. Your marketing suggestions are working wonders!"

    -- Donna VanPuymbrouck
    Bridgeview Self Storage

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    • The best managers
    • The best customer service
    • The best legal support
    • The best resources
    • The best continued training for managers
    • The best company commitment for the facility

    It all comes full circle when the facility owner hires the Accountable Management Team. The best managers gain self esteem and commitment to their company and owners. In turn, the final product of better proceeds for the facility. At the end of the day you can be proud and walk away being one of the best managers in the field. A sense of pride to be part of the Accountable Management Team."

    -- Kathy Rogers

  • "The self storage industry is a management intensive business. Accountable Management has done an outstanding job in managing my facilities for the past six years. Their expertise includes marketing, day-to-day operations and accounting. They are a total package deal! Brenda Scarborough, President is a Director on the board of our National Self Storage Association. Her involvement in this organization keeps her up-to-date on all the newest trends and policies of our industry which is a huge benefit to me as one of her clients."

    Saul Rachelson
    Extra Space Center President

  • "Enjoyed your Webinar ..., I felt it was informative and on-point and stuck to the subject matter. Our Team and I thank you for your time and help. Thanks."

    Gerry Goldberg
    Metro Denver Self Storage

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